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UNIMI.CropML is a software component implementing several approaches to model crop development and growth. Models are implemented using a fine granularity, and they are also used in composite structures which can used as simulation models in applications. The models currently being implemented using this criterion are CropSyst, WARM and WOFOST. For the latter, new versions of the model are included specific for the simulation of grain cereals (WOFOST_GT and WOFOST_GT2; Stella et al., 2014) and winter rapeseed.

CropML-CropSyst (Stöckle et al., 1992, 2003) is a cropping system model including generic crop simulator which allows for simulating both determined and perennial species. This component implements the plant related part of the original CropSyst model, version 3.X

CropML-WARM (Water Accounting Rice Model, (Confalonieri et al., 2009a; Confalonieri et al., 2009b) is a model for the simulation of growth and development of paddy rice crops. The model accounts for all the main processes which characterize this peculiar system. Simulations can be performed with daily or hourly time step.

CropML-WOFOST .(Van Keulen and Wolf, 1986; Boogaard et al.,1998is a member of the family of crop growth models developed in Wageningen by the school of C.T. de Wit. It follows the hierarchical distinction between potential and limited production and share similar crop growth submodels, with light interception and CO2 assimilation as growth driving processes and crop phenological development as growth controlling process.


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