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The Diseases components are four software libraries implementing models to simulate the time evolution of a generic polycyclic fungal disease epidemic and to quantify the impact of the disease on yield formation.  

The Diseases components are:

The documentation of all the models implemented in the Diseases component is provided in this help file.

Each component is an independent software unit, making available specific functionalities and providing access to its services via a defined interface (Donatelli and Rizzoli, 2008). The software architecture of the components is developed adopting three design patterns:

The components implement the test of pre-conditions and post-conditions for each of the models provided, allowing an input to screen, TXT or XML file, and to .NET listeners. Custom output drivers can also be developed.

The component can be freely used and distributed by modelers and developers in their own applications, if the application contains either a dedicated menu item or a dedicated button calling the Info() method of the component, and links to the original help file. This method displays information about the component and a button which activates the help of the component (examples of how to do this are shown in the sample applications provided to illustrate the use of the component).

The Form Abouts called by the Info() method are reported in this help file for each Diseases component.

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