The UNIMI.SoilT component offers a wide range of alternative methods to perform the simulation of soil temperature. It allows the estimation of its parameters and can check for data quality in simulation models, testing pre- and post-conditions. The full description of the algorithms available is given here.

UNIMI.SoilT is a standalone component with its own data-type and related interfaces, so it is reusable in different backgrounds.

The UNIMI.SoilT component, which can also be deployed independently for use shows the following features: 1) capability to extend models by adding new ones without recompiling the component and still using the same call, 2) test of pre- and post-conditions 3) (under implementation) xml files to save the configuration of the component.

Component-oriented programming, that encapsulates the solution of modelling problems into a discrete, replaceable and interchangeable software unit (component), was used to define the water component design. The architecture of this component has focused on ease of maintenance, reuse, interchange ability and extensibility of the software developed. The component has been developed using C# in the .NET platform of Windows.

The component can be freely used and distributed by modellers and developers in their own applications. The component can be used in code developed using any programming language (VB.NET, C#, C++). The component design allows for expansions by the users that can add easily their own models.

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