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ClimIndices is a component containing routines to calculate weather indicators from multi-year series of daily weather data. Basic indicators are computed as simple statistics on weather inputs (yearly series of daily precipitation, maximum and minimum air temperatures, incoming solar radiation, and reference evapotranspiration). Other indicators are derived, grouped into six classes: dates, counts, thermal sums, water, waves, indices.

The component implements the test of pre-conditions and post-conditions for each of the metrics provided, allowing an output to screen, to tab separated TXT or XML files, to listeners defined by clients; custom output drivers can also be developed. Moreover, data sets used to perform unit tests on each of the metrics made available is also provided as part of this documentation.

ClimIndices is written in C# for .NET. The component can be freely used and distributed by users and developers in their own applications, if the application contains either a dedicated menu item or a dedicated button calling the Info() method of the component, and links to the original help file. This method displays information about the component and a button which activates the help of the component (examples of how to do this are shown in the sample applications provided to illustrate the use of the component). The component can be used in code developed for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (VB.NET, C#. C++, J# and other .NET languages). The component design allows for extensions by the users that can add easily their own metrics. Sample clients are provided, inclusive of source code, to demonstrate how to add metrics, and to build a Win .NET application.

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